Economic and social inclusiveness thanks to our digital service offerings

“The Orabank group is adopting new applications, with the desire to transform its value proposition, which has, until now, been based on physical branches. We are migrating to digital services which, rather than diminishing the customer experience, will enhance it and take it to the next level.”

AAmos KONLAMBIGUE, Digital Banking Director Tweet

Digital banking

The globalisation of society has given rise to new challenges and a change in customer relations, linked to changes in technology and how it is used. Orabank gives a great deal of thought to adapting to the present, while anticipating increasingly rapid progress towards innovation. Some of our customers are ever more connected, mobile and keen on innovative banking and financial services. The digital service is the first means of boosting growth to bring in more deposits.

Our digital services must offer our customers greater autonomy in their relationship with the bank. Now, it is about taking the service to the customer; she or he will no longer necessarily come into branches. Customers expect to be able to access services wherever they are, as soon as they have an Internet connection. The Orabank group has put the infrastructure in place, with dedicated Digital Financial Services making available a range of digital banking services (e-banking, mobile banking, mobile money). We are also creating customer-contact centres to help our customers with their dealings and experience with Orabank.

Customers using the bank-switching solutions
2018 75%

Digital banking strategic roadmap


  • Signing of a framework agreement with CR2 for our multi-channel digital product offering
  • Sustained expansion of bank-card and electronic payment-terminal ownership
  • Release of mobile payment and mobile banking


  • Continued roll-out of electronic equipment
  • Development of agency banking
  • Strategy of partnerships, particularly with Western Union

2019 to 2022

  • Complementarity of our physical branches and banking agents in our 12 countries, as part of a complete
Strategic goal

Orabank is committed to giving African people access to banking, to reduce their social exclusion.

Digitalisation is a means of boosting growth

The Orabank group wants to play an important role in increasing access to banking and finance in the economies of sub-Saharan Africa, while being a civic-minded and responsible economic agent.

Orabank’s strategic ambition is to build a profitable, efficient group that serves customers, for whom it has found innovative solutions, including those on lower incomes, and that is a good place to work.

We want to use our financing to do more to contribute to creating wealth and jobs locally.

Inclusive digitalisation

Inasmuch as large sections of the population still find it hard to access our services, the Orabank group must encourage economic and financial integration, using new technologies with sustainable roots in usage.

Employing a digitalisation strategy makes it possible to broaden our scope, while diversifying our sources of revenue. In sub-Saharan Africa, we can expect significantly increased access to financial services via mobile phones. We are positioning ourselves in this new customer segment, with specially adapted products.

10 %
only of Africans have a fixed income
16 %
of Africans have access to banking

Ora@net is an Internet banking service with which customers can make everyday transactions and access banking information at any time.


The LIBERTÉ card is a prepaid Visa Electron debit card that can be topped up by cash deposit, cheque or transfer in Orabank branches.


Oramobile is Orabank’s mobile banking service. Our customers can use their phone to find out about any transaction in their account in real time.




Orabank has chosen CR2 to develop its digital service in 12 African countries.