Guaranteeing the company’s representativeness and equal opportunities

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average age
1 %
female employees
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female in management position
1 %
of internal promotions go to women
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female heading Managing Committees
Encouraging diversity

Orabank is committed to ensuring that our employees are representative of society.

  • Our diversity policy is based on a key principle: value each individual by respecting all differences.

  • Diversity is an essential key factor in a company’s performance. It is a question of considering each individual, with its di ff erences, as an added value.

  • We intend to promote and enhance these individual differences and make them a richness within our teams.

  • We believe that compensation must be fair and equitable and encourage employees to work in the long-term interest of customers, while contributing to the overall performance of the company.

Ensuring equal opportunities

Orabank is committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for all employees.

Orabank is committed to increasing the proportion of women it recruits across the board, systematically bringing women into all recruitment processes and combating stereotypes, particularly in our technical roles.We are aware that gender gaps remain within the management functions. At the level of CODIR (Management Committees), efforts will continue on the issue of professional equality. For equal pay for men and women, a point of disparity has been made for the women present in the Management Committees (CODIR) and corrective measures are in progress. At the holding company, equal pay for men and women is in place and is gradually being implemented in the subsidiaries. 

Orabank supports the feminisation of recruitment (internal mobility and external applications) by systematically integrating women into all the selected profiles and fighting stereotypes, particularly in our technical professions.
Trades in executive status are more masculine. Orabank aims to detect and support female talent within the group, particularly through proactive measures of training, mentoring, or speci fi c networks
In the context of celebrating International Women’s Day 2018, Oragroup’s Human Resources Division and CEO organised, on Thursday 8 March 2018, a roundtable on the theme of “Women’s place in the banking industry and in Oragroup/Orabank”. 


A group of Orabankers women has been formed and meets once a quarter to discuss issues related to women’s development in the Group. A tutorial will be set up between the senior and junior women of the company.