Guaranteeing the company’s representativeness and equal opportunities

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average age
female employees
1 %
female employees
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femmes cadres
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of recruits are female
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of internal promotions go to women

Encouraging diversity

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Strategic goal

Orabank is committed to ensuring that our employees are representative of society.

Ensuring all age groups are represented

Our diversity policy is based on one key principle: developing each individual, while respecting all differences. Diversity is a key factor in a company’s performance. It is a case of considering each individual, with her or his differences from others, as an asset. We therefore try to promote and highlight individual differences, and turn them into one of the strengths of our teams. We believe that remuneration should be fair and equitable, and should encourage staff to work in customers’ long-term interests, while contributing to the company’s overall performance.


Female group employees
2018 50%
2017 43%
2016 43%
2015 44%

Ensuring equal opportunities

Strategic goal

Orabank is committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for all employees.

Male/female equality

Orabank’s principle of equality between women and men in the workplace is one of the central issues in our HR policy. We set diversity targets in a range of sectors, particularly in front-office roles. There is a higher proportion of men in management roles. Orabank is committed to identifying and supporting talented women within the group, not least through proactive training and mentoring measures, and through specific networks.


Orabank is committed to increasing the proportion of women it recruits across the board, systematically bringing women into all recruitment processes and combating stereotypes, particularly in our technical roles. We are aware that parity gaps persist in executive roles.

Pay gaps

We are aware that parity gaps persist in executive roles. For male/female wage equality, disparities have been identified and corrective measures will be included in the 2018 budget.



Female managers
2018 50%
Women on the executive committees
2018 50%
2017 42%
2016 42%
  • Continually promoting more balanced representation of women in all roles within the group
  • Developing access to training, regardless of the position’s level
  • Promoting women’s access to senior positions
  • Ensuring equal treatment as regards pay in relation to internal promotions
  • Maintaining a work-life balance

In the context of celebrating International Women’s Day 2018, Oragroup’s Human Resources Division and CEO organised, on Thursday 8 March 2018, a roundtable on the theme of “Women’s place in the banking industry and in Oragroup/Orabank”. Amos KONLAMBIGUE, Delphine NDIAYE and Fo-Koffi Wolassé AGBOLI explained their ideas on this issue to the roundtable.

In 2016, a woman was appointed to lead the company, taking on the role of CEO of the Orabank group and joining the Board of Directors. Binta TOURÉ NDOYE is an experienced professional who has had a remarkable career. She embodies a new generation of African economic decision-makers and will lead Orabank into a new stage of its development.