1 %
of employees have received training
employees trained on group values
thousand CFA francs of training expenditure
1 %
training budget // payroll
success in the CAP, BP1 and ITB2 courses
success with banking training leading to a qualification

Indicators as at 31/12/2017

Creating a learning culture within the business

Strategic goal

Orabank is committed to developing staff’s employability through lifelong learning.

A budget allocated to training

A budget of 5% of payroll is allocated to training. Within that envelope, part is left to the country-level Human Resources Division for running certain training programmes (individual or office). The group also offers cross-cutting training plans.

Training programmes

In view of the numerous challenges in the banking sector, developing and enhancing staff’s skills have been Orabank priorities for a number of years. The selected training programmes must meet individual and group needs, while remaining linked to the group’s strategy and customer expectations. The group is committed to reviewing training plans, rationalising the associated budgets and aligning them with the requirements of development-strategy implementation. Training leading to a qualification is made available to all subsidiary staff.

The majority of needs covered correspond to operational or technical training, but it is increasingly moving in the direction of cross-cutting topics: management and leadership; risk management and culture; regulatory, legal, governance- and CSR-related changes; or personal development.

Employees who have received training
2020 100%
2017 77%
2016 81%
2015 78%

Skills development and talent pipeline


Partnerships with, among others, the Paris business schools HEC and ESSEC to build management capacities contribute to achieving the goals of creating a learning corporate culture and preparing employees for strategy changes.

By 2019, an Orabank academy will enable the roll-out of a cross-cutting programme to develop the cross-cutting skills to speed up internal mobility. Programmes to recruit young graduates will be launched, along with schemes to facilitate recognition of experts within the group.

A partnership has also been signed with African Business School.

Seminars on building management capacities and team cohesion (executive committees of the various institutions) were organised with partners (January to September 2017), and were followed up with one-on-one coaching sessions for participants.

A range of training sessions and workshops on the group’s values were held, to pick out the specific elements that should enable staff to embody the group’s values and to bring them to life day to day. The next stage was training of brand ambassadors, who have, in turn, trained the various institutions’ staff.

For those involved, the training took place in the various group institutions (77 people trained, in total), and for the directors and executives (34 people trained).

Training on structured finance, comprising three modules (one on loan syndication, another on Islamic finance and the last on financial modelling). In total, 29 people (Heads of Customer Relations, Risk Management, Structured Finance and Legal) took part in the training.

Preparing employees for strategy changes

Strategic goal

Orabank is committed to training employees in the roles required to meet customer needs (digitalisation and customer service).

Preparing for new needs

Orabank should promote a change in the bank’s business lines to meet the expectations of tomorrow. Given the bank’s competitive environment, groups need specialised candidates to maintain their operating and innovation capacities, and their R&D performance. The group has technical or specialist needs with specific features in relation to the information-system and e-banking business lines.

For other posts, we are opting for more multi-talented individuals, and we are suggesting internal mobility, incorporating good support, coaching and training; that should enable us to fill some posts in this way.

Measuring the executive team’s effectiveness

In February 2017, the management report was presented to the Board of Directors and personal training plans were suggested to fit with each individual’s development plan.

Enhancing managers’ leadership

In 2016, to ensure that management personnel’s skills were a good match with the organisation’s needs and strategy, group executives were evaluated with the help of an outside firm. Training programmes were started on the subject of “Increasing the leadership and managerial skills of Orabank’s executive committees”.