Support and develop human capital

Indicators as at 31/12/2018

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of employees have received training
success with banking training leading to a qualification
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Interns welcomed
Creating a learning culture within the business

Orabank is committed to developing staff’s employability through lifelong learning.

Given the many challenges in the banking sector, the development and enhancement of staff skills has been a priority for several years. In 2018, the new format of the Talents program was launched in order to develop and maintain a strong pool of competent senior managers, able to access the positions of GM & Deputy Managers of subsidiaries / branches and functional positions at the Holding. Initially, 11 people from 9 subsidiaries were selected to follow this program. In August 2018, a first training session was held in Lomé with ESSEC Paris and focused on the theme “Strategy, Value Creation and Corporate Finance”. The 2nd session took place in Paris in October 2018, on the theme “Change Management, Transverse Management”. The 3rd training session with ESSEC took place in February 2019, in Libreville, on the theme “Behavioral and Organizational Agility, Project Management”. An LMS e-learning platform is developed by CrossKnowledge, grouping a cross-cutting theme library to develop skills and accelerate internal mobility.

Continuous development of skills

Orabank is committed to developing staff’s employability through lifelong learning.

A budget of 5% of the payroll is allocated to the training plan. A part is left to the local HR of the countries for the planniing of local training courses. The selected training programs must meet individual and collective needs while remaining in line with the Group’s strategy and customer expectations. The Group commits to reviewing training plans, streamlining associated budgets and aligning with the implementation needs of the development strategy. Diploma courses are made available to all staff of the subsidiaries. The majority of the needs covered correspond to operational or technical training but they evolve more and more towards transversal domains: management and leadership, risk management and culture, regulatory, legal evolutions and topics related to governance and CSR or link with personal development.

A policy in favor of welcoming trainees

Orabank is committed to standardizing and supervising the practice of professional internships in order to strengthen our platform of talent development programs.

A policy of professional internships was adopted and disseminated within the Group with concrete implementation in 2019. It was also necessary to set up a standardized and structured policy of professional internships to welcome the best students from schools, and thus build a pool of potential human resources for the organization. The Orabank Group has set up a program for Grandes Ecoles. In order to develop the attractiveness of young graduates and to reinforce its image, the Group sponsored the Career Day of CESAG’s Master Bank Finance and participated in a conference debate on the theme “Financial markets and financing the economy: strategy, information, governance and regulation “and a round table trades. Even though the total number of trainees welcomed in the Group has slightly weakened, we note that in Gabon, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali and Niger, the number of trainees has increased somewhat due to the number of courses and front office activities.

Preparing for strategic changes

Orabank is committed to training employees in trades that meet customer needs (digitalization and attention to customers).

Orabank must promote the transformation of the banking business to meet the expectations of tomorrow. In the competitive context of the bank, groups need specialized pro fi les to maintain their operational and innovation capabilities and their R & D performance. The Group has technical or speci fic needs with particularities in the information systems business and the digital banking.
Since 2017, the presentation of the evaluation report of the management team was made to the Board of Directors and individual training plans are proposed to respond to the development plan of each. The implementation of the development plan continued in 2018.

This training brought together 35 people from the subsidiaries of Togo, Gabon and Ivory Coast subsidiary and branches: Customer Managers, Risk Managers, Structured Finance Officers, Lawyers, Accountants, IT Professionals.
A range of training sessions and workshops on the group’s values were held, to pick out the specific elements that should enable staff to embody the group’s values and to bring them to life day to day. It should be noted that all the seminars organized by the Group’s various functions systematically include a reminder of the values ​​in the programs.
Different training sessions took place:
  • CSR Level 2, for Communication Managers Subsidiaries + Group Communication,
  • Revised Banking Chart, in the countries of the WAEMU zone,
  • Administering Symantec for All People Who Manage Anti-Virus Servers in the Group Stream Serve,
  • a System Center Configuration Manager training for the Group’s development analysts.