Boosting the group’s environmental performance

“The Orabank group is reducing the environmental impacts linked to its operations, along with materials and liquids consumption in its branches and transportation.”

Amos TOSSAVI, Head of General Resources Tweet
100 %
Branches with an environmental resource-management system
100 %
Teams responsible for the customer portfolio trained in the Orabank’s social responsibility approach.
Reducing natural resource consumption

Orabank is committed to improving the group’s ecological footprint.

Orabank is making commitments to improve energy conservation, sustainable natural resource management and environmental protection through an environmental resource-management programme rolled out gradually into the subsidiaries.

  • Balanced scorecard to record each department’s consumption (paper, office supplies, etc.)

  • Posters in branch with environmentally friendly suggestions and spoken-word awareness-raising

  • Fuel-consumption monitoring for each branch’s generator

  • Sorting of canteen waste (plastic packaging)

  • Prepaid cards for fuel, consumption-monitoring and checks on vehicle log books

  • Optimisation of shuttles in branches

  • Printing on both sides and recycle paper use

  • Facilities-management system rolled out in the subsidiaries and holding company to optimise document-printing (leased printers and efficient consumables management)

  • Gradual replacement of all the classic incandescent bulbs in the banks with LED ones

  • Motion detector

  • Tool for automatic detection of equipment that has not been turned off with text alerts, or daily checking of offices by managers or security guards.

Reducing CO2 emissions

The Orabank group is also committed to reducing its CO2 emissions.

The Orabank group is also committed to reducing its CO2 emissions, by striving to develop a sustainable mobility policy/

  • digital solutions to replace travel

  • car-scrappage schemes, etc.