Fostering green growth in Africa

“Within the framework of strong partnerships, the Orabank group is adjusting its positioning within the regional banking sector and establishing itself as a unifying figure in making the environment a factor in the economic development of the countries where we operate.”

Serge MIAN, Investor- and Partner-Relations Director Tweet
1 m CFAF
Structured financing packages approved
1 m CFAF
Invested in SUNREF project (2018)
1 t CO2
Avoided per year (SUNREF project)
Structured finance for responsible projects

Orabank is committed to financing green growth and supporting investment in measures for adapting to climate change

In developing countries, the financing of green growth is a major challenge; The Orabank Group wishes to position itself as the reference bank for the structured financing of large-scale responsible projects promoting economic and social development. Its ambition is to develop a structured financing fixed> € 5 million, requiring a specific approach in terms of structuring (amount, loan term, legal and financial setup). In addition, the Orabank Group has set up an environmental and social risk management system (SYMRES) to ensure that the credit activity is carried out in strict compliance with the Group’s ambition. 

Projects with a positive impact

Orabank is committed to supporting projects with a positive impact in terms of access to renewable energy and drinking water​

As an active financial player with economic operators, Orabank is disseminating good practices in sustainable development. As part of the fight against climate warming, the Orabank Group advises its customers, partners, service or institutional service providers on the renewal of their energy resources so as to replace fossil energy consumption with renewable and clean energies. Being part of a pro-environmental approach ensures a return on investment and a considerable impact in the fight against climate warming. Orabank is financing projects with low energy consumption and energy efficiency. In the industrial and hospitality sector, the Orabank Group focuses its customers on energy efficiency solutions that generate a reduction in consumption of between 30% and 40%. These savings made by customers on their bills can be reinvested in their development.

SUNREF is one of the innovative tools developed by the French Development Agency (AFD) and co-financed with the European Union and the French Global Environment Facility to promote the emergence of “green” finance adapted to the needs economic actors from countries in transition. As part of a partnership with AFD, the Orabank Group has financed numerous projects between 2014 and 2018 to support the development of a low-carbon economy in West Africa and enable economic actors to adapt to this transformation. Among the SUNREF partner banks, Oragroup has been a key partner in this program. The projects funded by Oragroup are located in Togo, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Benin and Niger. Oragroup was able to support the financing of 12 projects generating significant climate benefits, for an overall investment amount of nearly 6 million euros (3.9 billion FCFA). Of these projects, 4 relate to investments in energy management (purchase and installation of engines, ovens, cooling system, air conditioning, lighting more efficient), 5 in renewable energy (solar) and 3 projects are mixed, combining energy efficiency / renewable energies. In terms of impacts, these investments once effective should allow annual energy savings of 2567 MWh, an annual renewable energy production of 5283 MWh and 1,686 tons of CO2 avoided per year.
The first stone of the Kekeli thermal power station in Lomé, Togo, has been laid. This project is sponsored by Eranove and its subsidiary Kekeli Efficient Power with the support of Oragroup and BOAD, which will mobilize 70% of the funding for this project. The construction of this 65MW plant, with an estimated cost of 77 billion FCFA, will use combined cycle technology. This technology will produce more electricity without additional gas consumption and limiting CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.