Consolidate participatory, transparent and accountable governance

" We continue to improve our governance in accordance with the strategy defined by the Board of Directors and ensure the application of legal and regulatory standards. "

Dotou Guy TANKPINOU, Directeur Juridique du Contentieux / Secrétaire du Conseil d’Administration / Secrétaire du Comité Ethique et Bonne Gouvernance d’Entreprise du Conseil d’Administration Tweet
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Independent directors on the Board
Shareholder acting as executive
Independence and conflicts of interest

The prevention and management of conflicts of interest by ORABANK Group and its companies are part of a strict application of the rules inspired by international best practices.

Directors must, at all times, ensure that their personal situation does not put them in a conflict of interest with the company. Each director shall spontaneously inform the Chairman of the Board of any conflict of interest in which he may be present. Once a year, at the beginning of the year, the directors make a declaration of conflicts of interest. Each director performs his duties objectively, impartially, independently, loyally and competently in the interests of the company and the banks, while taking into account depositors and all other stakeholders. Each director must sign and scrupulously respect the Directors’ Charter.

Ethical values and standards of behaviour

ORABANK Group companies intend to conduct their business in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Directors must act in compliance with the Orabank Group Code of Conduct and its Governance Charter. The Board of Directors is the guarantor of respect for the ethical values and standards of conduct of the directors. It ensures that there are no conflicts of interest, and addresses all integrity issues, including cases of misuse of corporate assets and abuse of power in the context of the company’s transactions and activities.
Directors act in a manner that is fair to the company. They must show courage, transparency, integrity and discernment. At any time, they must be able to justify the good image necessary for the exercise of their mandate. They must be available and be actively involved in the execution of the missions and tasks entrusted to them.