Maintaining effective and independent governance

At Orabank, the shareholders are not involved in running the company: the Board of Directors is independent and the CEO takes care of all group management functions, but also sits on the Board.

Independent directors on the Board
2018 100%
2017 100%
2016 100%
2015 100%
2014 100%

Independence and conflicts of interest

The directors must always ensure that their personal situation does not result in any conflicts of interest with the company. Every director must be sure to inform the Chair of the Board, unprompted, of any conflicts of interest. At the start of the year, directors declare any conflicts of interest and these declarations are repeated annually.

Each director performs her/his duties in a way that is completely objective, impartial, independent, honest, competent and in the interests of the company and banks, while taking into account those of the depositors and other stakeholders. Every director must sign and scrupulously respect the Directors’ Charter.

Ethical values and standards of behaviour

Directors are subject to the Orabank group’s Code of Professional Conduct  and its Governance of Governance. The Board of Directors is the guarantor of respect for the directors’ ethical values and standards of behaviour. In the absence of conflicts of interest, it handles any problems of integrity, in particular cases of misuse of company resources and abuse of power in the context of the company’s dealings and operations.

Directors must act with complete integrity in relation to the company. They must demonstrate courage, transparency, probity and good judgement. They must, at all times, behave in a manner commensurate with their role. They must make themselves available and play an active role in performing the tasks and duties entrusted to them.

Shareholder acting as executive