Our values

Our mission is: Growing together, and for Africa.

Our brand is people-focused

We care about the welcome offered to our customers and about their well-being.

Our brand is committed

We are committed to playing an active role in Africa’s sustainable development.

Our brand is bold

We strive for progress and do not hesitate to break new ground to move forward together.


Those values are in our group’s DNA. They are something we all have in common, making what we do easier to understand and giving staff a sense of belonging to our exceptional shared project.

Our strategy and brand platform are supported by two pillars.

  1. The experience that the Orabank brand has built up and that gives it legitimacy within our markets and towards the public;
  2. The experimentation that our brand needs to reinvent itself in a constantly changing world.
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Employees are trained about our values
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ORABANK’s staff are our best brand ambassadors

Stages in identifying values and building the brand platform

Since 2009

External growth

The Orabank group has been built up using an external growth approach, comprising successive acquisitions, mergers and name changes.

In 2011, the Orabank brand was born.

It was necessary to examine from all sides the values inherited from our combined history, drawn from several banking groups, and to identify the values in common that were shared by all staff and that strengthened the corporate culture.


Values-identification project

In April 2016, the Orabank group launched a project to identify Orabank’s values, in partnership with Carré Noir, the communication agency of the Publicis group, which had helped the group during its change of name from Financial Bank to Orabank.

That project clearly identified our brand’s three core attributes. We have therefore set out a strong system of values to build the corporate culture that we are seeking and focus our shared energies on achieving the Orabank group’s goals.

Identifying our values has enabled us to give everyone a clear idea of where our performance stands. Beyond our primary purpose of offering our customers goods and services, we need, in order to develop successfully, to be liked by our public, both internal (employees) and external (customers, shareholders, the media, etc.).


Formalisation of our fundamentals

Stage 1, in two phases:

  1. Telephone interviews were held with some directors, the CEOs of our banks and heads of holding company division.

  2. Four workshops brought together all group employees on a single site in Lomé. Selection of the people chosen for this phase was on the basis of the three major themes of BRAND, MARKET, and INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL CUSTOMERS.

Stage 2: An outside agency reproduced and set out our brand platform, our mission as Orabank and our values.


Training and communication

Next, a training programme has been launched to raise awareness and understanding of the new brand platform, and to promote ownership of the group’s values and culture.

A range of training sessions and workshops on the group’s values were scheduled, starting with workshops for the business lines (HR, Sales, Communication, Operations), to identify the specific elements that should enable staff to embody the group’s values and to bring them to life day to day.

Brand ambassadors have been trained, who have, in turn, trained the various institutions’ staff.



Values ​​are systematically recalled during all seminars.

All employees are currently trained about our values through the e-learning application acquired by Orabank. It is the first of our training sessions launched on 1st July 2019.