2017 key financial figures

“To underpin our subsidiaries’ performance, one of our major roles is advising and guiding them on their financing. In this way, we contribute to growing shareholder value for the equity contributed by our investor partners, while serving the economic interests of the countries where we operate. The group’s net interest income is CFA F108 billion, up 6% on 2016.”

Amédée NONFON, Administrative and Financial Director Tweet

In CFA F billion

Balance-sheet total (+10%)
Equity capital (+39%)
Net interest income (+6%)
1 %
Operating ratio
Consolidated net profit (+45%)
1 %

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Exco FICAO and KPMG audited the consolidated financial statements for the fiscal year ending 31 December 2017 in accordance with the international financial reporting standards (IFRS). Reasonable assurance was achieved.

2017 key financial figures by region

Robust Treasury revenue growth

“In 2017, the Treasury function became a profit centre that makes a major contribution to the group’s net interest income. Treasury revenue has been growing strongly since the second half of 2017 and is still increasing in 2018.”

Julien KOFFI, Treasury Director Tweet

“We have been backing the Orabank group’s growth in sub-Saharan Africa for years. Our cooperation covers the fields of trade finance, payments and FX trading. Orabank is a partner in our growth strategy for the continent and we are delighted to be able to maintain close relations, both professional and friendly, with the treasury teams.”

Alisa GOGELEIN, Regional Manager, ODDO BHF Tweet
25 %
of NII from Treasury
55 %
Treasury revenue growth
+ 11 %
on customer deposits

2017 highlights

Overall, the major event of 2017 was the reorganisation of the Treasury function and the bolstering of its capacity to better manage market risk and to contribute to Group income:

  • Change to the group’s organisation chart, not least formalisation of the Asset/Liability Management (ALM), Treasury Sales, and Correspondent Banking and Trading functions, and alignment of the subsidiary and branch organisation charts
  • Strengthening of the Treasury teams and building of those teams’ capacities
  • Opening of a trading room in Togo, with the aim, not just of optimising our capacities and revenues, but also of centralising the management of some exposures.
  • In 2018, the trading room will also position us as a regional market maker for the foreign exchange, money and sovereign debt markets
  • Treasury is on the front line of the day-to-day management of liquidity and market risk; management of these exposures clearly improved in 2017; in 2018, the “ALM Pro” project will enable automation of the market risk-management tools in place, through the implementation of a program already acquired by the group for that purpose
  • In 2017, the number of lines of conformation (LC, SBLC and international guarantees) granted to the group and its subsidiaries by correspondent banks doubled; this enabled robust growth of our business financing international trade in the second half of the year.

Opening of a trading room in Togo

In December 2017, the Orabank group, with operations in 12 countries spread across four currency areas in West Africa and Central Africa, opened a regional and international trading room in Lomé, Togo. Since its foundation, the Orabank group has always had the desire and ambition to support its customers (personal and business), to actively contribute to financing the private sector, to optimise the mobilisation of local savings and to foment a genuine boom on African financial markets.

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