Glossaire et Acronymes

ALCOthe Orabank group’s Asset and Liability Management Committee
ALMasset and liability management.
AMLanti-money laundering compliance standards
Basel II/IIIstandards laid down by the Basel Committee, comprising recommendations for the supervision and oversight of the banking sector at international level, along with technical standards; the Basel Committee is made up of the representatives of bank supervisory authorities and central banks from 27 countries
BICWAEMU’s Credit Information Bureau (BIC)
CAEMCCentral African Economic and Monetary Community
account managerbank staff member in direct contact with customers from the beginning to the end of the process, who projects the bank’s image and is the customer’s sole point of contact
operating ratiothe ratio of operating costs to net interest income
CORISQthe Orabank group’s Risk Committee
CPNthe Orabank group’s Level One Credit Committee
CRMcustomer-relationship management tool
CSNthe Orabank group’s Level TWO Credit Committee
OHSCOccupational hygiene, health and safety committee
AATMAutomated teller machines are machines from which cash can be withdrawn by any bearer of a card accepted by the machine
SYMRESComprehensive risk-management tool used by the Orabank group
structured financeA “bespoke” or specialist financial product; this term covers all types of financial product, requiring a specific approach in terms of structuring (amount, loan term, legal and financial arrangements), as opposed to the “classic” financial products that Orabank offers companies
AATMadvanced automated teller machines are machines enabling any bearer of a card accepted by the machine to carry out numerous transaction types without the involvement of bank staff, 24 h per day
IFRSInternational Financial Reporting Standards, an accounting standard
IOBbank transaction intermediary
KYCknow-your-customer standards
mPOSmobile point of sale, accessories that connect to a tablet or smartphone, making it possible to read a bank card
ILOInternational Labour Organisation
BCPbusiness-continuity planning, a procedure which ensures that services remain available and reliable, and that emergency measures are taken, in the event of a crisis, with a view to putting in place a restoration plan to ensure the continuity of operations
PCI-DSSPayment Card Industry Data Security Standard, the security standard for payment cards
SMEssmall and medium-sized enterprises
NIInet interest income
R&Dresearch and development
credit riskrelates to the possibility that a borrower or counterparty will not meet its obligations in accordance with the conditions laid down in the contract, directly resulting in the loss, in whole or in part, of the lent funds; accordingly, credit risk is incurred by transactions financing companies, individuals, banks or financial institutions
ESG riskenvironmental, social and governance risk
ROAreturn on assets
ROEreturn on equity
SBAThe Sopra Banking Amplitude software (e-banking app)
SIRHhuman resources information system
SLAService-level agreement: contract governing the quality of a service between a supplier and a customer
SUNREFgreen financing tool
SYMRESthe Environmental and Social Risk-Management System designed by the Orabank group
EPTelectronic payment terminal
WAEMUWest African Economic and Monetary Union
UNEP FIUnited Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative