Our regional solidarity actions

Committed to the well-being of the communities in the countries in which we operate.


million of FCFA invested in citizen solidarity by subsidiaries


subsidiaries have developed a program for solidarity and citizenship


subsidiaries (Benin and Guinea) have developed a program for participative savings products

For Orabank, being a committed bank and a citizen means working for the community in a spirit of solidarity. Beyond funding, we stand alongside all our stakeholders, and especially the most vulnerable ones. We support people in the face of the challenges of sustainable development.
Rodrigue GOEH-AKUE
Marketing Communications Manager, Orabank Togo


Working for the Well-Being of Communities
The Orabank Group, faithful to its vocation for the well-being of the communities in the countries of establishment, carries out various solidarity actions through its subsidiaries and branches. The Orabank Group is committed to organizing community and charitable events and supporting projects related to education and sport.
Together with public institutions, associations and NGOs, as well as civil society, we are committed to promoting a more equitable and inclusive society. This is how the Orabank Group is committed to growing together, and for Africa.

Examples of solidarity actions

  • Donations of equipment (blouse, mask, virus tests) and hygiene products to control the spread of covid-19
  • Donations of materials to school, health and vulnerable child protection structures
  • Project to support victims of sexual violence within the framework of the International Day of the Girl Child
  • Wheelchair financing initiative for women with disabilities, led by Orabank collaborators
  • Institutional Partnerships: Universities, UNICEF
  • Christmas trees and donations to NGOs
  • Financing of computer purchases for deserving students and lunches for disadvantaged schoolchildren
  • Immunization and control campaigns against the outbreak of hemorrhagic fever, the Ebola virus
  • Reforestation and environmental remediation actions
  • Free screening days for diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.
  • University partnerships to enable access to higher education for all.

Local Communities

Promoting community development
In each of its host countries, the Orabank Group participates, supports and initiates citizen actions. They must demonstrate their sustainable and supportive nature, and are evaluated upstream to ensure the seriousness of their protagonists and the proper coverage of the need for vulnerable populations. As a human bank, committed and citizen, we invest in local people and communities.
Here are some local examples of our commitments:


  • Staff and customer awareness through digital communication on several topics: coronavirus, cancer, hypertension, AIDS, World Water Day, World Environment Day and clean-up
  • Purchase of hand-washing equipment, gel and masks in agencies to fight against covid-19 / Budget 14,193,405 FCFA
  • Sustained awareness of staff and clients on compliance with pandemic barrier measures / Budget 105,000 FCFA
  • Donation of 5 million CFA francs to the Ministry of Health of the State of Benin to fight against the pandemic of covid-19
  • Staff grant in food vouchers / Budget 67,465,650 FCFA
  • Donation for several events through the life of the staff: death, marriage, rewards, labor medals, miscellaneous assistance, etc. / Budget 11,539,800 FCFA
  • Gifts of work medals / Budget 21,984,155 FCFA
  • Batch handover of the customer data reliability operation raffle
  • Mobilization of staff for a blood donation operation in collaboration with the National Blood Transfusion Agency / Budget 250,000 FCFA
  • Donation of school supplies to a hundred children in the city of Cotonou, in a situation of disability and precariousness / Budget 1,500, 000 FCFA
  • Donation for several events in the life of the staff: death, marriage, awards, work medals, various types of assistance, etc. / Budget 22,716,734 FCFA
  • Staff restaurant voucher grant / Budget 36,500,000 FCFA
  • Donation of school kits to CARITAS for disadvantaged children / Budget 942,500 FCFA
  • AIDS Awareness Campaign and Call for Screening / Budget 50,000 FCFA
  • Support for the maintenance and beautification of the public garden opposite the bank headquarters (garden expenses, plants, watering, etc.) / Annual budget 480,000 FCFA


  • Donation to the children of CARFO (Caisse Autonome des Retired et Officials de Ouagadougou) for the support of the schooling of young orphans (school kits, polo, T-shirts and caps Orabank and check of 1,000,000 FCFA
  • Blood collection from bank staff, clients and partners for the National Blood Transfusion Center in favor of the displaced from the humanitarian crisis caused by the terrorist attacks and for children hospitalized / Budget 200,000 FCFA
  • Donation of 100,000 FCFA in sugar boxes and calendars to the faithful of the mosque next to the bank

Ivory Coast

  • Gift of prepaid bank cards credited with the amount of the scholarships to the 213 students of the business district
  • Grant to support the action of the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene in the fight against coronavirus. Orabank Côte d’Ivoire handed overprotective kits (masks and gloves) and sanitary products (hydroalcoholic gel). / Budget 6,000,000 FCFA
  • Funding of 1,200 Christmas meals for people in difficulty in the municipalities of Teichville and Marcory through the St EGIDIO Community. This secular movement is supported by more than 60,000 people in Italy and 73 countries including Côte d’Ivoire / Budget 3,000,000 FCFA
  • Along with the Association of Midwives of the City of San Pedro, the bank contributed to the financing of a day to raise awareness among women about motherhood and family planning issues and the organization of a Christmas tree by purchasing gifts for 200 children / Budget 400,000 FCFA


  • Donation of 14.3 tons of food to the most vulnerable populations, those most affected by the spread of the coronavirus pandemic
  • Participation in the edition of the book of the year for students, teachers and parents of the Lycée Blaise Pascal / Budget 780,588 FCFA


  • Bank participation in the project to build a primary school in Maritime Guinea / Budget 200,000 FCFA


  • Donations for the fight against covid-19 and contribution to the prevention of the pandemic during the carnival / Budget 2,500,000 FCFA
  • Support for communication and awareness programs with the SNLS (National Secretary for the Fight against AIDS) in the fight against AIDS
  • Helped to renovate a dilapidated health center and donated 15 beds to a stolen Gabu hospital
  • Participation of the bank in the improvement of the city with the refurbishment of the public banks of the province of Gabu / Budget 600,000 FCFA
  • Donations of equipment for a clean and sanitation campaign / Budget 596,500 FCFA


  • Donations for the fight against covid-19 / Budget 35,000,000 FCFA
  • Donation to Al Farouk NGO following Ramadan / Budget 283,500 FCFA
  • Orabank’s participation in World Blood Donor Day and staff blood donations / Budget 100,000 FCFA
  • Support by the 1st year school bank of the 3 winners of the ISC Business School Excellence Competition / Budget 3,075,000 FCFA
  • Fundraising through a sale of raffle tickets to Orabank Mali staff, donated to Fadi N’GOUROU community school in Badalabougou / Budget 345,000 FCFA
  • Clothing donated to the Com+ Association for the Displaced People of Northern Mali
  • Donation of clothing to the NGO AI Farouk
  • Donation of 500 personalized Orabank water bottles to mosques near 5 of the 8 agencies in Bamako, during the month of Ramadan / Budget 1,000,000 FCFA


  • Sharing Marmite


  • Orabank Niger provided financial support to the NGO ADEN for the care and care of orphaned or abandoned children / Budget 1,000,000 FCFA
  • The NGO “TKD UN SPORT FOR ALL” is an association that aims to enable children in family difficulties to flourish through sport. With this action, Orabank Chad supports the State initiatives in the promotion of sports and youth / Budget 500,000 FCFA
  • Table seating for a primary school in the city of Tahoua. / Budget 5,000,000 FCFA


  • Allocation of 100,000,000 CFA francs to the “Force Covid-19 Fund” demonstrating its commitment to actively contribute to the development of Senegal and to making the well-being of its people a priority
  • Donation of an HP computer and a multifunction printer to the Elementary School of Séléty, a village in Lower Casamance located on the border between Senegal and Gambia in the department of Bignona and in the region of Ziguinchor
  • Table seating for a primary school in the city of Tahoua. / Budget 5,000,000 FCFA
  • 10,000 custom-made Orabank bottles of water are available by the bank for the “Gamou de Tivaouane (Maouloud)”
  • 2,500 custom-made Orabank water bottles are available at Uganda’s Martyrs’ Parish for the grand Marian vigil of 31 October (KYRIOS)
  • Afrivac Senegal is a foundation whose mission is to furnish the private sector for financing the vaccination of children of Senegal
  • Monthly scholarship of 65,000 FCFA offered to 4 NPG students for 12 months of schooling. This is a contribution from Orabank Senegal for the promotion of education and vocational training for young Senegalese people


  • Assistance to the Chad Helping Hands Foundation for the purchase of food for widowed women / Budget 1,000,000 FCA
  • Charity evening organized in favor of women victims of obstetric fistulas, with the objective of raising funds to cover their surgical costs and their post-operative empowerment. Budget 3,000,000 FCFA
  • Financial support to the charitable NGO ACRA for the 9th edition of the campaign on the theme “Let’s send our girls to school and fight against violence at school” / Budget,1 000,000 FCFA
  • Support to the Grand Coeur Foundation for sickle cell patients and the Youth and Entrepreneurship Initiative / Budget 30,000,000 FCFA
  • Financial support for the production of the film “Hourra Taxi” which aims to sensitize the population and bring about a change in behavior regarding the promotion of women and social welfare in Chad / Budget 1,500,000 FCFA


  • Financial support for the association “Rural Relief” which works to improve the living conditions of children and girls in precarious situations in rural areas during Christmas
  • Financial support to CERGI SA for the award day for graduates of the Bachelor’s degree program
  • Financial support for the NGO Credo Action, which works for the well-being of women, girls and children
  • Financial support to the Lions Club to accompany diabetic children and make prostheses for young diabetic amputees
  • Donation of food kits to the 150 orphans and vulnerable children taken care of by the NGO “Africa Solidarité Internationale” during their event “Noël, Joie des enfants”
  • Financial assistance to the action of the public authorities “Solidarity Togo Vaincre Covid-19” for the fight against the covid-19
  • Partnership with UNISEF-ALAFIA and contribution to the implementation of a project to prevent violence and protect vulnerable children in the context of the covid-19 pandemic 
  • Financial support for the association “Un corps Saint dans un Quartier Propre” which intervenes in the sanitation, the protection of the poor children, and to support the poor populations through the distribution of anti-covid-19 masks
  • Donation to the Association for the Promotion of Women with Disabilities in Togo
  • Financial support to the Togolese Society of Legal Medicine and Judicial Investigation
  • Financial support to the Campus Hospital in Lomé for the construction of a medical fluid room and for the acquisition and installation of medical fluid networks
  • Donation to the Community Center of Lomé Tokoin of 400 school kits in support of the actions of the Ministry of Social Action, Advancement of Women and Literacy in collaboration with the National Solidarity Agency
  • Engagement with UNICEF to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for Children. Orabank supports initiatives for child survival, the environment, basic education, and child protection, as well as those promoting the empowerment of girls and adolescents
  • Under the agreement between the University of Lomé and Orabank Togo, financial support for the 24-year-old AKEMEBOU EDMOND, an orphan and visually impaired student, wishing to continue his university studies / Budget 250,000 FCFA and partnership with the National Institute of Health Insurance (INAM) for the health insurance coverage of 500 togolan students ais / Budget 8,000,000 FCFA
  • Financial contribution for the construction of a makeshift class for students of the Specialized Teaching Center for the Blind Persons (CESA). This action will enable them to work in better conditions / Budget 1,270,030 FCFA
  • Financial contribution to the Association Partenaires de Développement Interantion (PDI) as part of its project entitled “Balloon at the Center for Development, Social Inclusion and Peace”. The aim of this project is to make sport and recreation a tool for social and economic development, promoting and improving the living environment of rural communities and people in disadvantaged urban areas and strengthening the mechanisms for inclusion. This project is also included in axis 3 of the NDP / Budget 1,000,000 FCFA
  • Numerous actions to support vulnerable people during Christmas, such as: Financial support to the CCACJ of Nyékonakpoè for the children of the Parish Immaculate Conception / Budget 250,000 FCFA, Contribution to the fourteenth edition of the great socio-cultural event called “MISS NOEL”, which targets the poor and orphans aged 7 to 12 years / Budget 500,000 0 FCFA, Financial Contribution to the Socio-Cultural Event CHILD LOVE GRAIN dedicated to poor and hospitalized children in Kara” NOEL AU COEUR DE L’CHILANCE A KARA” / Budget 500 000 FCFA, Financial Support to the NGO A.S.I-TOGO (Africa International Solidarity) for Orphan Christmas Vulnerable children and elephants (OEV) / Budget 500,000 FCFA, Financial contribution to the Center d’Authorization de la Jeune et de la Femme Africaine (CAFA) in collaboration with the National Orthopedic Equipment Center for a Recreational Day for Children with Disabilities at the end of the year celebrations / Budget 250,000 FCFA
  • Financial contribution to “Les Editions Seeds de Thought” for the promotion of books designed to raise awareness of environmental protection. / Budget 2,000,000 FCFA
  • In partnership with SOS VILLAGE OF CHILDREN, the bank has made available in its agencies ballot boxes to raise funds to support orphan children.