In line with the human capital strategy defined in the Group’s overall strategy and with the new vision for accelerating high value-added projects for the Group and for all staff, 2018 was marked by organizational changes and the introduction of various tools for the development of our human capital.
Director of Human Capital
Human Capital Strategic Roadmap
  • Definition of a new road map for the Human Capital
  • Consolidating the management of Human Capital and its organizational structure
  • Finalization of job mapping
  • Performance-based compensation system
  • Pay Software (Sage X3)
  • Succession plan for all management positions
  • Charter of professional equality
  • Establishment of a talent and career review committee
  • Continue strengthening of control system
  • Operationalize management manuals
  • Comply with Basel 2 and 3
  • Reduce the overall portfolio degradation rate to less than 12% in 2018
  • Deploy auditable information systems and reporting tools by subsidiary
  • Inculcate Culture Compliance
  • Inculcating the Risk Culture
  • Develop the culture of control and self-control
  • Improve portfolio quality
  • Ensure enhanced legal protection of the bank
  • Continue and develop the culture of Compliance in all its forms