“In 2022, Orabank has once again embarked on a new stage in its corporate life, and it will continue to demand agility from each and every one of us: in the way we think, work, do things, but above all in the way we support our customers. We can’t do this without putting our employees and customers at the heart of this transformation.”

Katala LOUA

Group Human Capital Director

2021-2025 Strategic Plan

The Group has adopted social indicators as part of its 2021-2025 strategic plan.These aim to assess social performance in addition to social statistics relating to HR function activities (acquisition and development of human capital, compensation, etc.).

Human Capital Strategic Roadmap

In 2022, a human capital roadmap was set up, launched and deployed for the period 2022-2023.It is inspired by the axes defined in the Group’s 2021-2025 strategic plan.

Four main projects have been implemented:

  1. Developing Human Capital skills ;
  2. Strengthening competitiveness and employee motivation;
  3. Strengthening corporate culture and employer brand;
  4. Digitization of Human Capital processes and management.
Human Capital Strategic Roadmap
  • Consolidating the management of Human Capital and its organizational structure
  • Finalization of job mapping
  • Performance-based compensation system
  • Pay Software (Sage X3)
  • Succession plan for all management positions
  • Charter of professional equality
  • Establishment of a talent and career review committee
  • Continue strengthening of control system
  • Operationalize management manuals
  • Comply with Basel 2 and 3
  • Reduce the overall portfolio degradation rate to less than 12% in 2018
  • Inculcate Culture Compliance
  • Inculcating the Risk Culture
  • Develop the culture of control and self-control
  • Improve portfolio quality
  • Ensure enhanced legal protection of the bank
  • Evolution of the organizational structure of the holding and subsidiaries
  • Updating of the Charter of the Human Resources and Compensation Committee
  • Design and implementation of new training modules and a “Sales Academy” on the Group’s digital campus
  • Design and validation of a program for the development of young managers (program for the N-1 members of the entities’CODIR)
  • Implementation of a first round of assessments for candidates for various positions (for recruitment processes)
  • Training of Directors and Leaders on the theme « The Board in Crisis Prevention and Management »
  • Deployment of new modules on the digital campus
  • The preparation and launch of a satisfaction and engagement survey with employees throughout the Group
  • The deployment of the young managers’ development program
  • The participation of subsidiaries/branches in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire in compensation surveys
  • Improving the conditions of loans to staff
  • Updating the Group’s human resources policies and procedures manual


1.Human capital skills development

  • Update of Group job mapping

  • Revision of mobility policy

  • Principles and basic elements of the new performance management system

  • Training policy and internal trainers

  • Plan to revitalize the digital campus

  • New format for succession plans

  • New individual development plan

2. Strengthening competitiveness and staff motivation

  • Introduction of a more attractive health insurance schem

  • Mutualization of death policy and extension to all entities

  • Introduction of a medical evacuation policy for all entities

  • Employee satisfaction and commitment survey for all Group entities

  • Compensation surveys

  • Salary upgrades in certain entities

  • New payroll environment

3. Strengthening corporate culture and employer brand

  • New version of welcome booklet
  • On-boarding protocol for new recruits
  • Mentoring guide and system
  • Welcome training module (to be deployed on the digital campus)

4. Digitization of processes and management of Human Capital

  • Identification of the Group’s new HRIS (Human Resources Information System)
  • Inventory and optimization plan for digital HR tools (e-recruitment, online skills assessment, digital campus)