CSR management and memberships

The Orabank Group is committed to transparency and relevance. We publish the reporting of our integrated approach and our strategic roadmap. We endorse the principles of many international initiatives such as the SDGs and GRI.


A proactive approach to CSR

 Our corporate social responsibility is at the heart of our growth model and business strategy. We are committed to making our actions more transparent and relevant to our stakeholders. We have no regulatory reporting obligations. However, we are committed to a proactive and voluntary approach. We want to continue to make progress in the deployment and communication of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) performance.

Since 2014, our Group has been committed to a CSR approach, the aim of which is to contribute to the sustainable development of our host countries while ensuring our overall performance.

We remind our staff that it is thanks to our customers that we are here. The welcome and listening we provide them is essential. Our brand is human, committed and bold. We have a strong CSR approach that is part of our every day-strategy.

Ndèye Bineta Delphine NDIAYE
Group Head of Communication
CSR training in the business lines

During a training seminar organized in 2017 with all the Group’s Communication teams (Holding and subsidiaries/branches), communication guidelines were taken, under the guidance of Delphine Ndiaye, the Group’s Director of Communication. In 2018, a new seminar advanced the understanding of the strategic roadmap. Since 2020, a program of CSR digital learning is available on the Group’s e-learning platform and the objective is to train +2,000 employees in CSR, in a 3-hour learning, 10 hours of in-depth reading, according to 3 levels of integration:

  1. Sustainable development challenges;
  2. The Group’s CSR strategy;
  3. Integration of CSR into the operations.

Thus, this training course will enable employees to take ownership of CSR in their profession, by following, for each one of them a personalized training path.

A total of 5 thematic modules are offered:

  1. Governance;
  2. Ethics;
  3. Responsible Finance;
  4. Risk management;
  5. Social.

At the end of the training session, each staff completed a quiz and gets a certificate. To date, 1,700 learners have completed the session.

In July 2022, the group became a member of the Principles of Responsible Banking (PRB), the UN’s first global partnership with the global financial community dedicated to understanding, integrating, and advancing the sustainable finance agenda, in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


The values of Orabank

Ms Delphine NDIAYE, Director of Communication of the Orabank Group, presented the Group’s values.


A commitment to transparency

For the 7th consecutive year, we are publishing the reporting of our integrated approach, as part of a joint presentation of our financial and non-financial performance. A strategic roadmap complemented the reflection to formalize Orabank’s strategic directions. The integrated reporting was validated with Orabank’s General Management and presented to the Board of Directors and main shareholders.


Support for international external initiatives

The Orabank Group adheres to international initiatives in compliance with and application of the guiding principles they promote. 

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) International Labor Organization (ILO);
  • GRI standards;
  • The Integrated Reporting Framework published by the IIRC PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment); 
  • PRB (Principles of Responsible Banking) of UNEP FI. 

Support for local and sectoral actions

Support for local and sectoral actions

In our countries, we support local partners who offer responsible and ethical commitments.