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Economic dynamism

Financing the local economy
Orabank is committed to financing the development of economies in sub-Saharan Africa, strengthening productivity and supporting entrepreneurial dynamism.
Banks contribute to the financing of the economy and are an essential part of its development.
Large companies are called to be strong economic players. We accompany them in their growth evolution on increasingly specific financing needs. The quality of our service, the proximity to the customer, the responsiveness and the existence of a regional and coherent platform distinguish us on the market. We have a clientele of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large enterprises that are destined to be strong economic players.
The Group has major assets for its customers:
  • Knowledge of the African continent
  • A dense network of bank correspondents
  • A workforce composed of professionals from African and non-African countries.


Small business development
Orabank is committed to participating in the financing and development of small private entrepreneurs. We have a small business clientele and three strategic priorities for development assistance (TPE and SMEs, women and young people and Microfinance).
  • Orabank supported, with a donation of 1 million FCFA, the creation of the African Network of Experts in Public Procurement with the Authority for the Regulation of Public Procurement (ARMP). An African Forum will be held in Dakar in 2019.
  • A donation of 10 M GNF enabled the launch of a social involvement initiative “YELLO CARE” with MTN (digital discovery, training sessions and workshops for reading and scientific research on digital, digital library, etc.).
The Islamic Private Sector Development Corporation (ICD) is a multilateral development financial institution that is part of the Islamic Development Bank group. ICD was created to support the economic development of its member countries through the provision of funds for private sector projects, the promotion of competition and entrepreneurship, the provision of advisory services to governments as well as the promotion of cross-border investments. The Orabank Group received 40 million euros as part of an agreement signed with the Islamic Development Corporation (ICD) in December 2017. These funds make it possible to exclusively finance eligible projects carried out by small and medium-sized enterprises operating in ICD member countries via an innovative product of Islamic finance.
The African Guarantee Fund and Economic Cooperation (FAGACE) is an International Financial Institution specialized in the promotion of public and private investments. It is headquartered in Cotonou, Benin. Its mission is to contribute to the economic and social development of its member states taken individually or collectively, by participating in the financing or by facilitating the realization of their investment projects. In 2017, the Fund is starting a new era of change in order to respond more effectively to the financing of the economies of its member states in a changing Africa. The new 2017-2020 Strategic Plan is therefore based on a strategy targeted at SMEs and SMIs, as close as possible to those who are responsible for the economic development of Africa. ORAGROUP and FAGACE decide to develop synergies to boost their interventions in African countries where the two institutions operate.
Orabank supports the economic empowerment of women and youth.
  • Orabank supports the Junior Achievement Gabon (JA) initiative, which enables young people to increase their chances of entering the economic world, under a program for entrepreneurs (donation of 3 M FCFA).
Orabank, the French Development Agency and the European Union have created a Mesofinance Cluster. The aim is to improve access to bank financing for small economic or social projects of very small enterprises, which mainly operate in the informal sector and account for 98% of the economic fabric.
  • The Orabank Group has concluded a technical assistance agreement with the Credit Communautaire d’Afrique (CCA), a former Cameroonian microfinance institution that has recently become the country’s 15th bank.
  • Orabank was involved in the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Professional Association of Decentralized Financial Systems of Togo, in October 2018 with a presence in microfinance spaces.
  • Support of 500,000 FCFA to the Togolese Farmers’ National Forum (FNPT) in July 2018 in Kara, with 800 participants including 500 agricultural producers, economic and public operators, microfinance banks and institutions and development partners.