Acting and Interacting in Support of Responsible and Ethical Finance

Create a corporate culture based on ethics, compliance, integrity and recognized codes of ethics.
Our commitment to compliance with our regulations and internal policies and procedures, with zero tolerance for unethical behavior, is a guarantee of the quality of our services to our clients.
Moussa KONE
Compliance Director

Feuille de route

ODD 16.4
Strategic Roadmap in Ethics and Ethics (Continuous Control and Compliance, Internal Audit, Legal and Risk)
  • Structural reorganization
  • Strengthening of the mechanisms
  • Development and internal validation process of policy manuals and procedures
  • Improved processes and harmonized management procedures
  • Continue strengthening of control system
  • Operationalize management manuals
  • Comply with Basel 2 and 3
  • Reduce the overall portfolio degradation rate to less than 12% in 2018
  • Deploy auditable information systems and reporting tools by subsidiary
  • Create a database of contract documentation
  • Establish an annual and proactive dialog with regulators
  • Inculcate Culture Compliance
  • Inculcating the Risk Culture
  • Develop the culture of control and self-control
  • Improve portfolio quality
  • Ensure enhanced legal protection of the bank
2020 +
  • Continue and develop the culture of Compliance in all its forms
  • Continue and develop the culture of control and self-control
  • Continue improving the quality of the portfolio
The legal protection of our Group is a priority objective to reduce the risk inherent in our operations.
Legal Director