Vision and Values

At Orabank, the bank is more than a financing solution. We contribute every day to the realization of each other’s dreams and projects and we work every day to improve the quality of life for all.

Our values

Our purpose: Growing together, and for Africa
Starting point of a virtuous chain, we actively contribute to the sustainable development of all. Knowledge of our local markets makes us a key player in Africa’s economic development.
Orabank is a committed and close player, involved in the development of Africa through the financing of projects related to education, infrastructure, renewable energy, agro-industry, entrepreneurship, etc.
We support our individual clients, businesses, institutions, traders, peasants by setting out our values in our way of working and in our customer relationship:
  • Orabank has a human personality: We are concerned about the welcome and well-being of our guests;
  • Orabank, a committed figure: We are committed to actively participating in the sustainable development of Africa;
  • Orabank, a bold personality: We are on the verge of progress, we do not hesitate to experiment with new territories to move forward together.
It is not a slogan; it is a reality experienced daily by each of us to accompany our customers. It is by supporting the private sector that we, as a banking group, make the most effective contribution to creating even more wealth and jobs. It is by financing infrastructure programs for a more competitive Africa, and it is by valuing local savings that a bank boosts our economies. This is our collective and shared ambition to create value and grow together and for Africa. Our strategy and brand platform is based on 2 pillars :
  • The experience that the Orabank brand has gained and which gives it legitimacy in our markets and in the public;
  • • The experimentation our brand needs to reinvent itself in a world of continuous change.