Consolidated net incomeBillions CFA1912189,4-48%
Balance Sheet TotalBillions CFA1 8102 1602 6343268,224%
Net Banking IncomeBillions CFA108127147155,45,7%
Operating coefficient%68,3%64,70%-5,3%
Customer DepositsBillions CFA1 1281 4621 8232 12416,5%
Customer CreditBillions CFA1 1001 2071 3661 58516,0%
Active ClientsNumber451 375510 926493 785575 07616,5%
Principles of governance
Female administratorsNumber220,0%100%
Female administrators%22%18%-18,2%
Attendance at Board Committee Meetings%100%91%86%98%14,3%
Employees trained in Orabank brand values (elearning)%New55%100%
Committees of the Board of DirectorsNumber55
Ethics and ethics
Tenders subject to procurement procedures%100%100%100%
Employees at risk subjected to international anti-corruption tests%100%100%100%
Transactions covered by anti-money laundering devices%100%100%100%
Independent Directors at CANumber233433,3%
Independent Directors at CA%33%36%9,1%
Director in conflict of interestNumber000
Partner Engagement
Customers using digital offers%75%75%
Customers satisfied with services and products%90%90%90%
Documents issued comply with the principles of the Responsible Communication Charter%100%100%
Fans on FacebookNumber520 7865389203,5%
Contacts on LinkedInNumber64 40810754767,0%
Instagram SubscribersNumber1 930271340,6%
Twitter followersNumber3 661410012,0%
Working conditions
EmployeesNumber1 8111 8572 0152 0220,3%
Male employeesNumber1 0341 0661 1501 1580,7%
Male employees%57%57%60%58%-3%
Permanent employeesNumber1646164717761 8927%
Permanent employees%91%89%88%94%6%
Executive employeesNumber7397478528894%
Executive employees%41%40%42%46%12%
Staff turnover%7%9%11%7%0%
Average seniority (years)Years5,356,5613%
Collaborators receiving assessment interview%100%100%100%100%0%100%
Retention of top-rated employees%90%95,5%94,5%96%7%98%
Salary massMillions CFA23 92728 61626 27028 21518%
Average salaryThousands CFA13 21215 41013 03713 9546%
Cumulative social work / payroll%2
Subsidiaries with a CSST%100%100%100%100%0%100%
Accidents at workNumber11381318%100%
Days lost due to an industrial accidentNumber11615291366216%90%
Employees who took their annual leave%91%100%
Women recruited%39%29%37%36%50%
Employees who have received training during the year%77%87%80%86%7%100%
Successful completion of graduate banking training%74%65%85%84%-1%100%
Successfully completed CSR training%45%100%
Training budget / payroll%4,0%4,0%4,04%4,6%13%4%
Interns welcomedNumber10599941073652900
Position/Profile Match Rate%90%95%95%0%95%
Female employees%43%43%40%42%4%
Female Executives%32%31%30%31%5%
Women on Executive Committees%23%22%26%25%-4%50%
Internal promotions for women%49%46%44%42%-4%
Average ageYears38,738,63939
Local Development
Africa's Population Growth%2,7%2,7%2,7%2,6%-2%
Small and Medium Enterprises%85%90%6%
Employment from the informal sector%86%90%5%
Strict Banking Rate (TBS) in Africa%16%19%19%19%0%
Financial inclusion
Financial Inclusion Rates (TGUSF) in Africa%57%60%5%
Extended Banking Rate (EBIT) in Africa%41%40%-3%
Mobile penetration in Africa%44%46%5%
Investment in citizens' and solidarity actions by subsidiariesThousands CFA219 9776 959 986
Subsidiaries that have carried out at least one solidarity action during the year%100%100%100%
Subsidiaries that have developed a program for participatory savings products%17%100%
Environmental Management
Agencies with an environmental management system in place%100%100%
Efficient energy management agencies%100%100%100%
Green growth
Commissions in structured finance (million CFA francs) cumulatedMillions CFA180530756700
Volume of projects supported under SUNREFBillions CFA3 0003 9003 900531036%6 000
CO2e emissions avoided (SUNREF PROJECTS)T CO2e1 8681 426 800