In the context of strong partnership alliances, the Orabank Group is changing its position within the regional banking sector and is becoming a unifying player in taking green growth and sustainable development in general into account, as a criterion for economic development in the countries in which we operate, in a long-term vision.
Serge MIAN
Director of Investor & Partner Relations

Strategic Roadmap

Strategic Roadmap for Green Growth Financing and Positive Impact Projects
  • Finalization of the second installment of the 14-billion CFA cash-note program bringing the total issue to 35 billion CFA.
  • Signature of a framework agreement with the Entreprenarium Foundation for the financing of projects of women entrepreneurs in Gabon and Senegal.
  • Funding of the ANADER project to the tune of 5 billion FCFA. The project involves the acquisition and installation of photovoltaic equipment in Benin at a total cost of 45 billion CFA francs.
  • Financing of the Savannah Project, an oil exploration project in Niger for an amount of CFA 7 billion.
  • Signing of a Memorandum with SABER for the development of a platform for financing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in the countries of the two institutions.
  • Oragroup’s commitment to renewable energies continues with the financing of the SOTER/PAL project for €3 million through the SUNREF green finance line. This is a project to install solar panels on behalf of the Autonomous Port of Lomé.
  • Posing of the first stone of the Kekeli thermal power plant in Lomé, Togo. This project is carried out by Eranove and its subsidiary Kekeli Efficient Power with a financing structured by Oragroup and BOAD.
  • The cost of this 65MW power plant is about 85 billion CFA francs. It will use combined cycle technology that will generate more electricity with reduced gas consumption and limit CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.
  • Obtaining a loan of 40 million euros (26 billion FCFA) from ICD, a subsidiary of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) over a 5-year maturity. This funding will enable the subsidiaries Orabank, Togo, Gabon and Côte d’Ivoire (including branches) to support SMEs in financing projects from a “Sharia Compliance” perspective through the “Mourabaha” product.
  • Launch of the Oragroup Stock Exchange to the BRVM with a historic raise of 56.92 billion CFA francs.
  • Structured a financing line of 4.8 billion CFA for a real estate company in Chad.
  • Financement de USD 11 millions en faveur de DCGN/WACEM pour la construction d’une usine de clinker et de fabrication de ciment en Guinée.
  • Successful Syndication for the State of Niger for an amount of 12 billion FCFA.
  • Finalization of the private placement launched by Oragroup in Cameroon for an amount of CFAF 9.6 billion.
  • Financement de 20 millions EUR octroyé par le fonds AATIF pour le financement des campagnes agricoles sur le périmètre Côte d’Ivoire
  • Financing of EUR 20 million from the AATIF fund for the financing of agricultural campaigns in the Côte d’Ivoire area Issuance of a $35 billion CFA cash-note program. The operation was structured by the SGI CGF Bourse and SGI Togo and secured by the African Guarantee Fund West Africa (AGF WA).
  • Continued exchanges with the European Investment Bank (EIB) for senior local currency debt for XAF 20 billion and the African Development Bank (AfDB) for financing of EUR 50 million.
  • Closing of the SUNREF Green Project Funding Program of the AFD of EUR 6 million and repaid an amount of EUR 68 000 in grants to 4 project holders who have completed their project.
  • Signing of a loan agreement with BADEA for a financing of EUR 30 million for customers importing products from Arab League countries
  • Deployment of the EUR 40 million thematic line of ICD (a subsidiary of the Islamic Development Bank) for projects that respect Islamic principles in the countries of the UEMOA and Gabon.
  • Financing of a financing project to extend the hosting capacity of the Nord Sud hotel in Mali for an amount of 2.2 billion FCFA
  • Financing of a project to discharge debts to a heritage company for the SEEG in Gabon for an amount of 30 billion FCFA
  • KEKELI projects continue, a project to build a 65MW tri-fuel thermal plant in Lomé (Togo) for a 51.5-bn mandate from FCFA co-arranged with BOAD and a project to build a clinker plant in Guinea-Conakry financed by BIDC and Oragroup (DCGN/WACEM project).
  • Funds raised from partners for energy efficiency projects with SUNREF and AAPIF (Deutsch Bank) for investments for agriculture (€20 million) in the UMOA countries (Guinea Bissau for cashew nuts and Côte d’Ivoire for agricultural projects)
  • Signing of a partnership protocol with AGF (African Guarantee Funds) of Kenya (ESG orientation) 35 billion CFA for financing SMEs and enterprises managed by women in West African countries.
  • Cameroon, raised CFAF 9.6 billion from institutional investors in association with a local banking group. Support for activities in Central Africa (Gabon and Chad)
  • Signing of an agreement with the ADB 50 million € GABON CI TOGO to finance SMEs with a CA of – 5 million € (delayed deployment but will be launched at the end of 2020)
  • Partnerships with donors (SWED FUND and FINN FUND) for long-term financing and agreement with EIB for projects in Central Africa.
  • Strategic partnerships for financing activities in countries of operation for enterprises.
  • Guinea Conakry: partnership with AFD to guarantee SMEs as part of the launch of their activities (risk cover) – target for Group-wide deployment.
  • A partnership with FAGACE in Benin is signed to cover the risks of SMEs.
  • Thermal power station in Togo. Signing of structured financing agreements. Started in 2020. $86 Billion in investments.
  • Development of Structured Financing Projects: SOTERRE and CIMENTERY.
  • Pursuing financing objectives and diversifying sectors.
  • Priority for certain sectors with a stronger environmental component (solar and thermal power plants, water)
  • Development of co-financing partnerships for positive impact projects
  • The change in ownership is taking place with the Ivorian Pension Fund and will increase the need for regional development financing according to the strategic plan that will be drawn up.
  • Migration to longer-term (> 5 years) and more financially important financing operations, towards more ambitious targets for financing the local economy.
  • Creation of a management and intermediation company for the group.