The Orabank Group profile

Indicators as of 31/12/18 in CFA F billion
Balance-sheet total (+21%)
Customer deposits (+ 24%)
Customer credit (+ 16%)
Equity capital (+17%)
Consolidated net profit (+36%)
Operating countries
+ 1
A pan-African banking group growing rapidly
The Orabank Group is a citizen bank, attentive to its customers and partners, working to create a new model where the bank provides a responsible service to its stakeholders and civil society. Founded in 1988, Orabank is a group whose growth has been accelerated both by the acquisition of local and regional banks and by sustained organic growth. Since 2009, Orabank has experienced a strong development, moving to a pan-African dimension of 12 countries of operation. This strong growth was accelerated notably by the acquisition of the network of Regional Banks of Solidarity (BRS) in 2013 and the consolidation of its implantation by the creation of banks in West and Central Africa.
An expanded offer of banking products and services
Orabank entities have universal banking activities centered around the Retail Banking, the Bank of Large Enterprises and the Digital Bank.
Orabank’s branch network now consists of 152 agencies. Oragroup offers its 510,000 customers (large companies, national and international, SMEs and individuals) a wide range of products and banking services based on proximity and responsiveness.
Growth milestones
A local presence focusing on growth
The Financial BC group was created in 2000 in Lomé. Following a series of developments and acquisitions, the Orabank group is now present in 12 countries in West and Central Africa, spread over four currency zones: Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Chad and Togo) through the Orabank network. In 2011, the group changed its corporate name and adopted the name Oragroup SA. Oragroup takes the form of a Société Anonyme (SA) under Togolese law and has a duration of 99 years. The strong growth of the Group was made possible by the acquisition of the network of regional solidarity banks (BRS) in 2013.
Orabank Group Headquarters
392, rue des Plantains
B.P. 2810 – LOME (TOGO)
Phone: +228 22 23 05 80
Fax: +228 22 20 48 51
A stable shareholding
Oragroup SA is a financial holding company incorporated as a Limited Company with a Board of Directors and registered in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register of Lomé under n ° 2000 B 1130. Capital of 69,415,031,000 F CFA . The Orabank group is majority-owned by Emerging Capital Partners (ECP), an investment fund dedicated to the African continent. Since the acquisition of the capital of ECP Financial Holding in 2008 and the change of corporate name to Oragroup, the Group has gradually acquired a universal bank size to become a pan-African banking group of reference. The last Ordinary General Assembly of Oragroup was held on Thursday, May 23, 2019 in Abidjan. It was the first OLO after the IPO for the Orabank Group, which now has 6,000 shareholders. Since the IPO in April 2019, the pan-African investor Emerging Capital Partners remains the reference shareholder 54.7% of the shares while 9% of the capital is floated on the BRVM.
12 countries spread over 4 currency areas